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Vous pouvez vider le cache et l’historique de votre navigateur, puis réessayer.

En outre, vous pouvez également essayer un autre navigateur pour accéder à http://tplinkwifi. internet . Solution deux:Vous pouvez obtenir le mauvais serveur DNS. Vous pouvez utiliser l’adresse IP du routeur http://192.

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Il est recommandé de connecter votre appareil directement au routeur TP-Hyperlink à l’aide du câble Ethernet câblé. Finding Your Router’s IP Deal with. Today’s Finest Tech Promotions. Picked by PCWorld’s Editors. Top Specials On Good Goods.

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Picked by Techconnect’s Editors. The most critical element of your router – other than for the connection that supplies electrical power to the device – is its Internet configuration display screen.

This is the heart, brain, and soul of your router. It really is the area exactly where you go to set up all types of crucial options, such as your router’s wireless networking and protection settings, port forwarding for your software applications that have to have distinctive access to the Internet, and all the particular management alternatives that allow you to dictate who/what accesses your community and when.

To obtain your router’s configuration monitor, you need to have to style your device’s IP handle – for D-Connection routers, this is most typically discovered in just your device’s manual or printed on the underside of the router – into your Web browser’s address bar. Which is it. Easy-peasy. Depending on the router product, you could possibly also be in a position to use the device’s NetBIOS title as a substitute of an IP tackle.

In this scenario, just typing a URL like http://dlinkrouter into your browser’s tackle bar is all you need to have to connect up to the World-wide-web configuration password prompt. Again, you can discover this name printed in your router’s manual or on its underside if your machine supports these types of a element. But suppose your router is tricky to get to and the previous time you observed the guide was when you were being throwing it in the recycling bin? Or perhaps you have currently tried out typing the IP handle into your browser’s tackle bar and almost nothing happened. Never ever worry, I have got a solution. In this case, access your Home windows Command Prompt. In the Start off menu, click on Add-ons and then on Command Prompt and then kind ipconfig into the black window that opens up. The black window will then be populated with details comparable to the photograph underneath:Scroll up to the leading of the screen and get started searching for the initial adapter that’s populated with three fields: An IP deal with, a subnet mask, and a default gateway.

The gateway is the system that connects your system to the Web – your router – and the IP handle you happen to be wanting at is your router’s identifier. You can now form this selection into your browser’s handle bar to access the device’s Web configuration monitor. And from there, you have accessibility to the entire vault: Each individual doable configuration solution that allows you to tweak your safety, connectivity, and all kinds of other crucial options for keeping an brilliant property network. This story, “Acquiring Your Router’s IP Handle ” was initially posted by BrandPost .

How to locate the router’s IP address on Andro > 2016-03-18 by tune ·Question: I need to have to configure my router, but I do not have neither laptop nor desktop Laptop at the second – only my Galaxy S7 smartphone. The phone is related to my wireless network, obtains an IP and World wide web is operating well. So the first point I need to do is discover the IP address of my router to be capable to log in to the web interface. Could you you should notify me how to obtain the router’s IP deal with on Andro >How to uncover the IP deal with of your router on Andro >Settings ” app:Current Wi-Fi network on Android 8.

Network Info Android 8. Andro >Settings “. Pick ” Connections “. Tap on your Wi-Fi network’s identify: Below you will see ” Regulate router “. After you faucet the URL you will be prompted to launch the browser and be taken proper to router’s configurations website page:

Android 5.

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