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We examined every metallic detector’s efficiency discovering iron nails, aluminum pull-tabs, pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and valuable metals. In reality, you don’t actually need to know all that a lot in regards to the frequency, however what you need to keep in mind is that lower frequencies are finest used for discriminating between rubbish and potential treasure, whereas high frequencies shall be higher for looking for gold.

To begin with, the F22 weighs in at a light-weight 2.3lbs. For comparability, a few of the heaviest detectors (such because the Minelab CTX 3030 ) weigh greater than double – which isn’t great on your arm or shoulder. It is also well-balanced, durable and has a waterproof coil.

An adjustable rod is fascinating since it’ll permit you to tailor the length of your detector to your height; a assist that rests in opposition to your arm (often known as a stabilizer) to keep the unit from shaking or twisting as you scan is also a terrific help. Simple-to-use controls to specify the goal IDs you’re in search of, or to adjust functions like floor balancing, are a particular plus. And in case your unit sends audio alarms you are going to desire a headphone jack.

Some of these features embrace; adjustable sensitivity and depth settings, pinpointing, custom notch discrimination, 6.5×9″ ACE coil. Discrimination levels are dependable. You may choose between jewelry, cash, artifacts, and custom. This helps you locate the kinds of objects you most taken with.

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If looking for treasure by way of bogs, sun, snow, or hail is one thing that tickles your fancy, then you’ll want a metallic detector that is been built to handle all kinds of environments. For this, look no further Bounty Hunter Metal Detectors than the Fisher F22 It’s fully weatherproof, and comes with a very submersible search coil, making it a perfect accomplice for underwater exploration, as well as saving you getting your hands dirty for no purpose.

You should use it on daily basis with no issues, it’s extremely delicate to metals, and you should use discrimination mode so you can save time not digging up tin cans and different trash. What’s more, as a result of it’s waterproof, you may even use it on the seaside.

Embrace date, item and what model of Bounty Hunter Metal Detector was used; the extra information the higher. There are some really unimaginable and useful features, attributes, and strengths of the Bounty Hunter Tracker IV Metal Detector. Frequency – Most customers will wish to look for a single-frequency model, also called a very low frequency detector. VLF detectors are the only option for those looking for coins, jewelry, and other small objects.

Basically, most metal detectors have very similar ranges. A great trick is to have a look at the coil dimension, as a result of the length of the coil is how far down the detector will search for coins and coin-sized objects. An instance of a metal detector with a shallower vary is the Bounty Hunter Gold Digger. It solely searches for cash and coin-sized objects up to 6-inches underground, and for larger objects up to 2 feet. A extra normal vary is about 8 inches for coins, and so forth, and three-feet or deeper for bigger treasures. It isn’t unusual for increased-high quality metal detectors to select up objects deeper down than what their specs say, and if you know the way to use the sensitivity levels in your detector, you’ll in all probability have the ability to get a lot deeper readings on good items.

There’s a lot more I might evaluate and discuss, however most all the pieces has been lined many occasions by different reviewers. To summarize, the Bounty Land Ranger Pro is probably one of the best, low-cost detector on the market, but it surely falls quick in almost each space when compared to mid range detectors just like the Garrett AT Professional. If that bounty hunter metal detector is your first detector, or you’re upgrading from another Bounty Hunter, you’re certain to be very impressed with the LRP. Preserve this in thoughts, every little thing the Land Ranger Professional can do, the AT Professional can do higher, and sometimes significantly better. Before you spend $280 on a Bounty Hunter, critically think about saving up and spending $550 on a Garret AT Pro. You will be glad you probably did.

The very first impressive thing I noticed about this weatherproof metal detector is the sensitivity adjustment characteristic. Whereas other competing fashions provide simply 4 levels, Fisher F22 comes with 10 sensitivity adjustment options for users in several categories. In response to the statements of previous customers discovered throughout my analysis, this one can go as far 9 inches deep with a view to detect the precise kind of metallic you select. By way of the weatherproof management field, you’ll be able to choose whether or not you need to detect coins, jewellery, artifact, customized or all metals. With the adjustable audio FE-Tone, you may amplify iron indicators. This helps customers to scale back the incidents of digging up undesirable targets inside attain.