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Release year=2010
1979021 vote
Christopher Nolan
Rating=9,5 of 10

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This is a nice action-flick. Entertaining and well made.
Now it is supposed to be about dreams. This should be a treat for all those of us who treasure Kafka or H.P. Lovecraft, right? Ever had a lucid dream? Now this will be awesome. Or perhaps not.
What is presented here is no more a dream than James Bond so to speak. It’s not actually surreal. The whole “diving into a dream” thing comes down to a couple of “rules” to follow plus some FX. The FX are well done actually. That alone would probably alleviate this film beyond the likes of “The Day after Tomorrow” or “2012. it’s everything else that ruins it.
In any case Dream is just fantasy here. Any film delivers that much. It’s just cheesy to have this scenario “in a persons dream. Ultimately the whole dream thing is just a facade to have the plot jump from here to there without actually creating a meaningful connection. At least this concept allows the film to have everything at once and offer even more than zapping through the best channels on prime time.

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