Equipment rental

Equipment Rental

Steam boilers

Oilfield gate knows and relates to the needs of the right crude oil heating solution and offers safe and reliable oil and gas heating methods that allow you to focus on running your operations. Oilfield gate  has proven experience in these challenging Production applications, whether offshore or onshore.

Our steam boilers are container mounted to allow small foot print for offshore operations, steam boilers heating capacity up to 7 MMBTU

Gas conditioning equipment

Based on operating conditions, gas conditioning equipment can be deployed to ensure clean gas fuel for the gas driven equipment and also protect the seals (generators , Heaters and compressors).

Storage tanks

Oilfield gate own a fleet of tanks for rental , 500 BBLS and 1000 BBLs tanks for crude oil storage , tanks are equipped with all safety features to ensure safe storage.

Gate & Control valves

Based on Job design we can provide to our customers various type of valves that can safely secure the well and control the flow whether it is low pressure or high pressure